Disc Hanger - 50mm


Disc Hanger - 50mm

For Plates up to 15cm in Diameter and 900gm in weight.

If you wish to display your plate on the wall, then this disc plate hanger is perfect to add to your order.

It is 50mm diameter.

You can hang it off a 3M wall hanger, picture hanger or tiny nail.

It is easy to use just follow these simple instructions:


The success of the Invisible disc is the glue, which is impregnated throughout the fabric disc to ensure maximum adhesion and strength. It is imperative all the glue is activated (not just the surface) and a simple pull test is done prior to hanging.

To achieve success every time the following instructions must be followed:

1) WHATEVER THE APPLICATION THE ARTICLE MUST BE ADEQUATELY PREPARED IN THE FIRST PLACE. Ensure the surface of the plate is thoroughly cleansed with a mildly abrasive cleaner ie. Jiff or similar and then dry.

2) Activate the glue by applying a small amount of water (do not soak) and work the glue with your fingers for a minute or so until all the glue becomes milky and opaque. The disc will become soft and pliable. Allow the disc to rest for several minutes until the glue becomes tacky and apply to the plate/object surface.

3) Press firmly all over the disc surface and smooth off, remove all air bubbles and excess glue with a damp cloth and allow to dry for 24 hours.

4) Prior to hanging the object to the wall, grip the ring and pull against the plate. The yellow fabric will remain on the plate surface when all of the glue has been activated. If, however the disc can be removed leaving only traces of glue then the result will ultimately end in disaster. If this is the case repeat points 1 to 4.


Soak the object in Luke warm water for 1-2 hours, the disc will float off the object without damaging the object or removing marks from the back.

Please note the invisible disc does not adhere well to Melamine.

Please note that because the freight charge on the website is based on weight, if the discs are your only purchase you will still be charged $20 freight. To avoid this please ring us at the shop 04 589 5892 and we can process your credit card over the phone and postage is typically only $3.50 per purchase. We can also combine disc purchases for the same postage fee.