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Crystal has superior quality characteristics to glass and is often more durable and more enjoyable to use. Crystalware starts at entry-level machine-made crystal through to higher priced handmade and hand cut crystal, at The Table you can find the right crystal glassware for your use and budget. Feel and enjoy the weight of lead- or lead-free crystal, or the cuts (if cut crystal) or the fineness of fine crystal glassware.

The main difference between crystal and glass is the added minerals in crystal that add a range of superior features such as making it heavier in your hand, easier to cut (if cut crystal), or alternatively much finer for fine crystal, and more enjoyable and beautiful to use.

Crystal glassware and tableware has evolved over the years and there are different areas of expertise around the world. Irish crystal and eastern European crystal are famous. In 1969 the European Union established criteria for crystal involving predominantly a lead content in excess of 24%, a density in excess of 2.90 and a reflective index of 1.545. However, outside of the European Union, this definition is usually disregarded. For example, in the United States, any glass with more than 1% of lead content is termed as crystal.

Modern crystal brands and manufacturers have invented new formulas that replace lead crystal with lead-free crystal. RCR’s Eco Luxion Crystal is one of the leaders in this innovation, and many other brands we offer have also moved in full or part to lead-free crystal and maintained or enhanced the weight, clean cuts and beautiful appearance customers enjoy.

Crystal vases, crystal decanter sets, and crystal glassware are always welcomed as special gifts.

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